Vue Router within a component

Posted 2 years ago by joseph127

So this is something I hadn't thought about doing before, but actually needed to for a project I am working on. So instead of having a single page app with vue router. 90% of the app will be standard laravel code, only certain pages will contain a vue router. Sounds simple enough I thought?

This is the approach I decided to take.



//Global components
Vue.component('header-component', require('./components/Header.vue'));
Vue.component('project-component', require('./components/Project.vue'));
Vue.component('sidebar-component', require('./components/Sidebar.vue'));

Vue.component('landing-page', require('./pages/Landing.vue'));
Vue.component('register-page', require('./pages/Register.vue'));
Vue.component('project-page', require('./pages/Project.vue'));

 * Define the main application, this is where all the vue
 * components, pages and modals etc will be initiated into
const app = new Vue({
    el: 'body',

 * Define the router. The router will act as a seemless
 * transition between the projects/modals. The reason
 * for this is to allow transitions between pages.
const router = new VueRouter({
    hashbang: false,
    history: true,
    suppressTransitionError: false

//Enable HTML5 mode
router.mode = 'html5';

//Map out the routes{
    '/:team': {
        name: 'team',
        component: Vue.component('project-page'),

        subRoutes: {
            '/:project': {
                name: 'project',
                component: Vue.component('project-page'),
                subRoutes: {
                    '/:screen': {
                        name: 'screen',
                        component: Vue.component('project-page'),

//Start the router
router.start(Vue.component('project-component'), '#project');

the view

<component is="project-component" inline-template v-cloak>
    <section class="container-project" id="project">

The strange thing is, everything works as expected. All the $route.params variables come through from the routes setup, and the template of "project-component" is displaying for the correct routes. But I am having a console error of:

<router-view> can only be used inside a router-enabled app.

upon googling this, I only found situations where vue router was initiated on the root app. in which case a simple Vue.extend does the trick. So whats the best way for going about this? And maybe shed some light on why this error is occurring?

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