Vue Default Selection for Select

Posted 9 months ago by lindstrom

Getting my feet wet with Vue and I'm looking for validation of my implementation of selecting a default value for a select input.

I have a component with a simple form. I pass company data to it for use in populating select options. This works and is (approximately) what I have:

<create-account :company="{{ $companies->toJson() }}"></create-account>

Inside the component:

// form fields
    // is binding data like what follows kosher?
    <select v-model="form.company_id, selected" 
        <option v-for="company in companies"
// more fields

    export default {
        props: ['companies'],
        data() {
            return {
                form: new Form({
                    name: '',
                    display_name: '',
                    company_id: '1 ', // initial value
                    phone: '',
                selected: '1' // value of desired selection
// methods etc

Didn't really find anything to support this so I can only assume this is how it's done. Are there other, more "correct", ways to achieve the same thing? Thanks for any, ah hem, input!

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