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Posted 3 years ago by CodeX


I have 2 lists on my web page, both lists have different templates, but they both have the same behaviors (such as: loading list items, count the items etc).

Here is what my web page basically looks like:

<template id="list1-template">
   <div v-for="item in items">
        <h3>{{ }}</h3>
        <p>some contents for list1</p>

<template id="list2-template">
   <div v-for="item in items">
        <h3>{{ }}</h3>
        <p>this part looks different than list1</p>
        <p>let's say I have this additional html here</p>
        <ul><li>or anything else</li></ul>

<div id="app">


   <div id="summary">
        {{ list1.countItems }} - {{ list2.countItems}}

So I think I need a component for the list but I'm still confused how to write things all together. The code below just to show what I want to achieve, it doesn't work as expected, there is no error but Vue doesn't load the items either when I check it on Vue devtools.

var listing = Vue.extend({
   data: function() {
       items: [],
       countItems: 0

   ready: function() {


   methods: {
      loadItems: function() {
         // load items from server

      countItems: function() {
          // count loaded items

var list1 = new listing({   
   template: '#list1-template'

var list2 = new listing({
   template: '#list2-template'

Vue.component('list1',  list1);
Vue.component('list2', list2);

var app = new Vue({
   el: "#app"

Am I going to right direction here or is there any other way to do it? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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