8 months ago

Vue axios request not working in Chrome (iframe)

Posted 8 months ago by stefan7

I have a component that is loading content via axios. In general the component and the axios request is working fine. But the website is meant to be running in an iframe on other websites ( i know... customers request...)

When website is embedded in an iframe, it is working with Firefox and IE, but no Chrome. Only error i get is 419. CRSF is set.

POST 419

Additionally another error in chrome: the website has a search-form included. When I use the search form in the iframe, it shows as well a "Page expired 419" message, but in this case the message is directly shown in the browser, whereas the other show-route only shows the 419 console. Both get the contents with axios request.

I am stuck with this, any idea how to solve it?

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