Vue and google maps

Posted 1 year ago by danielesposito

Hello to everyone, I'm pretty new to vue js and I will appreciate all kind of suggestions. I'm taking part of a new project and we are planning to use vue js as a front end. I need to integrate google maps with vue and I don't know where to start. I need to build a dashboard with google maps and I have to handle a few events from there, like right click on the maps, add markers and so on. Let's take an example: on the right, I will have a few tables that show up some data, like persons, vehicle. Then on the left, I will have the maps and I need to show all data took from the tables as markers. In other words, I will have to share the data with maps. Then I need to handle events, for example: when I right click on the maps I need to launch a modal that shows a form, with that form I can add persons or vehicle on the maps and in the same time I need to update the tables on the right. Now, my questions are: how can I share the data between the maps and the tables? How can I handle the events from the map, add markers and update the tables as well? Which is the best way to create a component for the map?

Thanks to everyone the will help me to rich my objective.


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