Trying to load selected value on select

Posted 3 months ago by Charrua

Hello I have an issue loading the selected option of a select input. Here is my code, items is the object I want to populate with the products object

<div v-for="(article) in items">
    <select v-model="article.product">
        <option v-for="(product) in products" :value="product">
            {{ }} 

If I run this code I get the product object inside each item object as expected. The problem is the reverse situation, if start the items object populated on page load, the selected option is not selected.

I have found a way for the select to work and is to change the value of the option, instead to use the product object, use a property as and the same on the select model The issue is that I need the value of each option to populate the item.product object.

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