Slider products show with Vue doesnt work

Published 11 months ago by yanes6514

Hi guys, as the title says I can not run a slideshow with VueJS, I've tried with the Bootstrap and slick carousel and I have not found the result yet. Here is an example (HTML)

(Secondary i have all the routes of my images)

$(document).ready(function () { $('.gallery').slick({ slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, autoplay: true, dots: false, arrows: true, responsive: [{ breakpoint: 500, settings: { dots: false, arrows: true, infinite: true, slidesToShow: 1 } }] }); });

What´s the problem?


I don't know. What's the problem? Does your browser explode?

Provide some more details.

Where is VueJS? Its jQuery & slick only. Please provide some relevant code you are having problem with.

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