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Posted 1 year ago by bart

Hey everybody,

we developed our new dynamic website with a lot of Vue components. The issue we came across with was the page source that gets rendered by the Google crawler for example.

<breadcrumb class="is-hidden-mobile" :items="[{ THIS IS AN OBJECT FROM TH BACKEND }]"></breadcrumb>

That's how the breadcrumb in our source code looks like. When I inspect the element in Chrome everything is fine and I see the rendered result. But that's not what Google crawls. I read a lot of articles about server-side rendering but for using this we need to change our entire infrastructure so that's not an option for now. Another way is prerendering but this only works for non-dynamic content so my question here is: Did you come across with this issue? And if so, what was your solution?

Thanks a lot and kind regards!

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