2 years ago

Problem with routing my application

Posted 2 years ago by alexpnet89

Hi guys, can anybody help me?

I have a laravel application, where i put a link in the navbar, this link will show a component that i made with VueJS, and i used the vue-router to make this call and show the component to the user.

What happens is that the path that i configured in the routes.js file, is being added in the final of the actual directory.

For example:

let routes = [ { path: '/register/create', component: RegisterCreate } ];

So, in the URL http://localhost:8000/units, when i click in this link, the user is send to the address: http://localhost:8000/units/register/create, and is showed in the end of the page the component RegisterCreate.

I don't uderstand where is my mistake.

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