1 year ago

Picking the correct Object from a collection

Posted 1 year ago by chrisgrim


I am having trouble picking a specific variable from a collection. I am passing into my vue component organizers and a single event. In that event I have a organizer_id column that relates to the id of the categories. I was using this method

props: {
        items: {
            type: Array,
        event: {
            type: Object,

data() {
        return {
            name: '',

methods: {
init() { = this.items[this.event.organizer_id - 1].organizationName;

what I realized is that using this.items[] only works if I never delete or skip id numbers in my database!! Very quickly my event organizer id didn't line up with the correct organizer id. So how would I ensure that the event->organizer_id is the used to get the correct item from the list?

I hope this makes sense! Thanks

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