3 years ago

Multitable Forms/Inline Editing

Posted 3 years ago by ZetecVan

Hi all

I have an existing app that I'm re-writing to use vuejs to make the user experience a bit more slick. The app lists businesses, along with their address, opening times, photos, tags and contact details. Each of these elements are in their own table.

It's all currently maintained by me in the admin section. Each table has their own form. I'm re-writing it to use vue and let the customer maintain it.

I'm thinking about attempting to use inline editing. ie: It shows the business as it would on the front end of the site, and if they hover over an editable field it allows them to click it and it becomes editable.

Does anyone have any experience of doing this in vuejs? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or does anyone have any alternative suggestions?


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