1 year ago

Multiple uploads with progress and preview (problem with identification)

Posted 1 year ago by Kunzilla

Hi there, i build a mutliple fileupload with vue js and axios within laravel. The upload works great, but i stuck on the part with the previews. The upload must work and feel like the facebook image upload.

  1. Put your images in the upload-area
  2. The number of objects shows up with a loader
  3. The files that are successful uploaded are shown as a thumbnail (the files in progress are still as a loader)

The Problem: How an i identify the "progresses"? Number 3 of 4 can be faster uploaded as the first one, so i can't use the array keys. The only "unique" idenfitication will be the file_name, but whats happend when upload an image twice? (Makes no sense, but what if it happens)

Hope you understand my problem and can help.


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