2 weeks ago

Integrating VUE in my project

Posted 2 weeks ago by SayedMohidin

I am currently working on a multi-page web application and am using the Laravel framework to build it. I am not much of JS person so I had confusion regarding its frameworks.

Since this is a large scale multi-page project, I was wondering if it will be wise to let Vue Framework manage the front-end completely since this web application will have certain features that will require complete reliance on JS to fetch data in real-time without reloading the page. Some of the features may include a real-time notification system, chat system and many more.

So considering the fact that I am not building a single page application but rather a multi-page in which I just require Javascript on some features, is it preferable to build my front-end using Vue.js and if so how do I integrate it on an existing project. Because most of the tutorials that I came across demonstrate how to build a new project using Laravel and Vue.

I will be really grateful to have your opinions, Thank You.

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