10 months ago

How to reduce app.js?

Posted 10 months ago by shadrix

I would love to know your tips on reducing app.js

My current problem is that in development my app.js is about 9mb big. When minified it is still about 3.68mb big.

/js/app.js    3.68 MB      33  [emitted]  [big]  /js/app
/js/moment.js     982 kB      34  [emitted]  [big]  /js/moment
/js/vendor.js    92.2 kB      35  [emitted]         /js/vendor
/js/canvas.js     1.4 kB      36  [emitted]         /js/canvas
/js/manifest.js    2.23 kB      37  [emitted]         /js/manifest
/css/app.css     289 kB      33  [emitted]  [big]  /js/app

I have two ideas how to reduce the .js

  • I could have two .js one for guests and a second for an authenticated user that is loaded additionally -or I could split this for every single page (but I fear this is more of a hassle...

Chrome's audit says that just for "Script Evaluation" it takes 12,237 ms....

Thank you for your tips!

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