5 months ago

How can I download a file in laravel and vuejs

Posted 5 months ago by Melodia

I initially created a route that allows a user to download a specific file, which works perfectly fine.

Route::get('project/{project}/download', '[email protected]'); 

public function downloadFile(Project $project){
    return response()->download(public_path() . "/upload/WhatsApp Image 2019-10-31 at 19.57.15.jpeg");

When I hit the url, the download happens.

How can I do the same via vuejs?

I tried using that end point inside the component but it doesn't download the file.

The component looks like this:

    <button @click="download" class="btn btn-primary">Download file</button>

    export default {
        methods: {
                    url: '/project/1/download',
                    method: 'GET',
                    responseType: 'blob',
                .then((res) => console.log(
                .catch(err => console.log(err))

When I hit the download button, I see the following in the console

BlobĀ {size: 73561, type: "image/jpeg"}

and file does not download.

How can I download a file using laravel and vuejs?

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