9 months ago

H1 Tag in component is never found by SEO Checker

Posted 9 months ago by packy

I have a lot of website where I have a hero image that is basically full viewport height with a title and sub text. I use a view component so I can use vue-lazyload to lazy load the BG hero image. The only issue is every SEO checker (, I use says there is no H1 tag even though there is. I imagine its because its in a Vue component? but why would that not show up for the checker? It for sure shows up on the page.

    <div class="home-hero lazy" v-lazy:background-image="image">
        <div class="overlay"></div>

        <div class="home-hero--content">
            <h1 v-text="title"></h1>

            <p v-text="text"></p>

export default {
    props: ["title", "text", "image"]

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