7 months ago

Easy laravel pre-defined auth system

Posted 7 months ago by mironmg

Hi guys. As I am typing this I'm in the middle of creating/styling yet another authentication module for a new project. Every time I start a new project I waste ~ 1 day re-using some of my old register / login/ components..inputs..selectboxes..etc. Then redeclaring some methods from the RegistersUsers trait, new "registered" event and so on. I was wondering how do you approach this? Do you have a package that you use? Something clean that uses either tailwindcss (not very important though). I just realized I waste so much time doing the same things over and over again for new projects. I know there are plenty of vue libraries that one can use but honestly I don't really know which one to pick. Any idea is welcome... maybe we can help each other save some time with new projects by sharing different approaches. Have a good one!

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