DevTools in vue.js

Published 8 months ago by afoysal

I am using vue.js inside Laravel 5.5.33 (not SPA). I am getting below error.

enter image description here

How can I enable DevTools?


It's a browser extension that you have to install :)


Thanks @Reached . I installed it and using it for other projects. But this is not a SPA. Here vue is inside Laravel. That's why I am asking this. Thanks.


Looks like it's one of two cases:

You have a production version of styles - please run npm run dev or it's sibling to get DEV version.

You have specifically told the tool that you don't want to debug. For this case, visit bootstrap.js and check the config there.

Hope this helps you :)

ps. With any of those changes, you have to re-load the browser and then re-open the inspect tool.

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