Computed property with multiple checkbox filters

Posted 1 year ago by eddieace

I am trying to make a solution for filtering results using checkboxes as simple as possible and as readable as possible.

I have a computed property called filteredPositions that looks like this. But it won't work with multiple filters on one array. Does anyone have a good solution for this problem?

Here is the computed property.

filteredPositions() {
    if (this.checkedFilters.includes("SE")) {
        return this.positions.filter(position => position.country_id == 1);
    if (this.checkedFilters.includes("US")) {
        return this.positions.filter(position => position.country_id == 2);


data() {
    return {
        positions: [],
        filters: [
                name: 'SE',
                name: 'US',
        checkedFilters: ['SE', 'US'],

Here is a jsFiddle https://jsfiddle.net/0dzvcf4d/9657/

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