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Posted 3 years ago by zoomyboy

I have this code. But it doesn't work. I get the following error:

TypeError: replacer is null var tag = replacer.tagName && replacer.tagName.toLowerCase();

I assume that it's the 'tr' tag in the component template. What would be a cool workatound for this?

<table class="table table-hover">
        <buch is="buch" v-for="buch in buchungen | filterBy filter" :buchungen="buchungen" :buch="buch" :active="active" v-on:activate="activate" inline-template>
            <tr class="list-group-item"
                    :class="{'active': active.id == buch.id}"
                    style="cursor: pointer;"
                <div class="row">
                    <div class="col-sm-6">
                        <h4 class="list-group-item-heading pg_heading">. @{{ buch.description }}</h4>
                        <p class="list-group-item-text" style="padding-bottom: 10px;">
                            @{{ buch.buchung | moment "DD.MM.YYYY" }}
                    <div class="col-sm-3">
                        <span class="label label-warning" v-bind:style="{ 'background-color': buch.kostenstelle_data.color }">@{{ buch.kostenstelle_data.name }}</span><br>
                        <span v-bind:style="{'color': betragColor}">@{{ buch.betrag | euro '€' }}</span>
                        <p class="list-group-item-text">@{{ buch.addresse }}</p>
                        <p class="list-group-item-text">@{{ buch.plz }} @{{ buch.city }}</p>
                    <div class="col-sm-3">
                        <button type="button" class="btn btn-default" v-on:click.prevent="include=!include" v-bind:class="{'active': include==true, 'btn-success': include==true}">
                            <span class="fa fa-check"></span>

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