1 year ago

cloning my project , NPM is not rendering all the Js code properly

Posted 1 year ago by murilo

Hello Guys , I have a problem here that I dont know how to solve . I have a website that I created , It is in laravel 5.6 and VUE js , if I try to render the javascript code in this folder , it will render properly , I can render by this command -

    npm run dev 

well , I recently tried to clone this project in other machine , I created succesfuly , but the javascript is not rendering properly .

Then I created a new project in my machine , and copied the same project , the same version of laravel , same version of npm , and cloned the project , and it gave the same error when I tried to render by this command -

    npm run dev

It does not gives any error , but it is not render properly some codes , that are more complex . I dont know what is happening , had this happed with some one ? I dont know what to do .

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