2 years ago

Can't register new components

Posted 2 years ago by lukaisailovic

For some reason I can't register new components. I got a few of them and when I try to register new one I get:

 Unknown custom element: <store> - did you register the component correctly? For recursive components, make sure to provide the "name" option.

(found in <Root>)

This is my app.js file:

Vue.component('example', require('./components/Example.vue'));
Vue.component('register', require('./components/Register.vue'));
Vue.component('loginmodal', require('./components/LoginModal.vue'));
Vue.component('products', require('./components/Products.vue'));
Vue.component('store', require('./components/Store.vue'));

And Store.vue is basically duplicated Example.vue so no point in posting that. I tried using already created components on page like register for example and it works just fine for some reason

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