5 months ago

Best data table approach with Laravel and Vue

Posted 5 months ago by marouanaf


I'm working on a Laravel and Vuejs project, it contains a lot of table like users, clients, subscriptions, invoices ... I will use a Vue component for each table CRUD, For example, the users component will contains a datatable displaying all users and a column to update and delete a user, also, a button that shows a modal to add a new user, So, I wants to perform that with the best possible approach without a lot of complication, My question is:

Is it better to create a UserRow.vue component to make it easy to instantly delete and update users in the table ?

and also, is it better to create a CreateUserModal.vue and instead of just include a modal in the main component (Users.vue) ?

I just begin using Laravel with Vuejs, and I think that those small details means a lot when I will develop the others features in my application.

So I need your advice.

Thank you.

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