10 months ago

When to use something like aws S3?

Posted 10 months ago by shadrix

I finished my project and I'm currently going into the production phase. It's my first big project and I'm trying to learn everything about improving the performance of a webpage. However, it overwhelms me quite a bit... (not really noob friendly)

So when and why would you use services like aws s3?

If you google for that, there obviously pages that make some couple of bucks with it for promoting it. So I cannot really trust their pros&cons.

To explain my project:

A user can sell offers and each offer contains at least one image. I'm going to use DigitalOcean (DO) as a Server. Currently, I think I would save the images with DO Spaces. (it should be the same to s3).

But I'm not quite sure, why you guys are using aws s3 but are using DO as the server.


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