2 months ago

What arhitecture should I develop for a Laravel + VueJS web application?

Posted 2 months ago by cosminc

Hello everybody! For quite a few months I'm struggling to start a new project, but until now I haven't had the necessary time to do it. Now that I finally have it, I want to pick your brain about what should be the best approach for developing the following Laravel + VueJS web application.

It's basically a SaaS, where I will have a front-end for the clients where they can create an account, pay a subscription, have a profile and do some work in their dashboard. Of course I will need an admin zone, a back-end where me as an administrator can manage the front-end content, view clients and their subscriptions and so on.

So my question is: how should I separate this units in order to achieve scalabillity, ease of maintenance and further development?

I was thinking about creating an API with Laravel and then have two VueJS standalone apps as consumers, one for the front-end (the website itself) and one for the back-end (the admin panel).

What do you guys think?


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