2 years ago

Using Laravel for a volunteer database

Posted 2 years ago by francoboy7

Hi Everyone,

I'm the webmaster of a NGO and we use Wordpress for our websites and for volunteer registrations. We require uploads of various personal files such as passport copy and resumes.

Right now we are using a wordpress plugins to do all this, however, I sometimes feel like I don't have 100% control over how things are handled (what the plugin does, how it does it, is it safe etc.).

I was wondering what were your thoughts about using laravel to manage user registrations and document uploads.

If I were to follow Laravel best practices, would you feel confident uploading such information as a volunteer ?

Also if any developers would be interested in helping me build such a thing, just let me know (if It's against the forum rules I'll delete that request). For now the registrations would not be an issue, however I haven't touch file management so far so that would be a challenge.

The project would be : User registration + User Information filling (jobs, experiences etc) + user uploading certificates/passport/resume. Very basic, but a high need for it to be 100% secure.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this

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