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Some advices needed for a career move

Posted 1 year ago by francoboy7

Hi everyone

I wanted your advice on a personal subject concerning the programming world. I'm currently employed as a part-time paramedic (25 years old) and looking into a career change. I've been light coding php / html / css for a while and the occasional Wordpress contract here and there.

Here is what my perfect future would look like. Living abroad in another country, doing some freelance work as a programmer. Being able to move to another country every 6-12 months. Take weeks off here and there no boss. I'm not looking to work 40 hours / week. I aim at 25-30 hrs/week. However I don't mind pulling 50 hours/week if that means having 3 weeks off after !

My living expenses are pretty low, I normally make 20k-30K $CAD a year and I'm living fine with this.

Now I'm learning Laravel because I find it to be a beautiful framework and fun to work with. It has been a challenge but I love it. However, I wouldn't mind having to program in another language for freelance work and then programming my own personal projects with Laravel.

Now the questions :

  • Am I dreaming here?
  • Is it at all possible to achieve this plan?
  • Is learning PHP and Laravel the good way to go about doing freelance programming work ?
  • Could someone learn Laravel and then specialized in wordpress customization, building plugins with Laravel (I know it can be done)
  • Should I learn another language instead, one that is more "widely" hired in the freelance world.

Sorry for the heartfelt post, but the Laravel community has always been of kind and good advices.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the typos, french native speaker here

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