5 months ago

Paypal Donation Data

Posted 5 months ago by K3nzie

Hello everyone, I've recently discovered the Paypal package for laravel to manage payments, and I was wondering if it would work with donations and with a normal account. What is mean is, I have a page where a user can donate some amount to my paypal account and I'd like that I could manage the process in a way that if the payment went fine the user would be redirected to a success page on my website, if there is any error just redirect back to donation page. I'm asking here because I've searched around and it seems like the official API works "live", only with paypal business account, and I'd like to be sure.

Also I thought about the donations buttons, is it possible to use the button and receive some kind of response if the donation went fine or not? It seems it would be much more simple with the default button opposed to using the official API.

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