3 years ago

Laravel subdomain sites hosts as new project or not?

Posted 3 years ago by sstarlight


Right now I'm building medium application (still working alone).

This website has several sub sites structure like below example:


So the current hosting method is using 1 project to host everything. I know Laravel can handle subdomain routing. But the problem is if there is a sub site to be disabled, I would need to code the disable site and redeploy the whole site again. So I was thinking if it is practical to host each sub sites in a new project as a module such that if any changes to that sub site, it will only affect that particular module while the others maintain running.

And in terms of collaboration I'm working alone maybe it's not a big deal. What if I'm working with team. and each team has their own task at sub domain (using git) and I don't want team A to look at team B works?.

Can you share any tips to achieve :

1. Flexibility on development
2. I'm using envoyer and forge. And Envoyer has maximum of 10 project ($10).

Thanks in advance.

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