4 years ago

Is there a cache for Jobs?

Posted 4 years ago by droplister

I've been writing some Job classes for my app.

I regularly run commands like migrate, composer dump-autoload, artisan cache:clear, after I make changes to commands or my database, but what I am noticing lately is that changes I make to Job classes are often not reflected after running these commands.

Is there some extra cache or static file that I need to touch when I make changes to Job classes so that those changes become instantly active?

For example, I have a Job class where I set a value equal to 1. And then I changed the Job so that this value is equal to 01. I have run composer dump-autoload, php artisan clear:cache, and rolled back and reseeded by databases, just for good measure, but still I see 1 vs 01 coming through. It's no longer in the code, so it must be cached somewhere?

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