4 years ago

I'm starting to hate laravel

Posted 4 years ago by Dracool

I don't know about other beginners with Laravel like myself but so far the only thing I've discovered is how frustrating it is to depend on sooo many things that I don't understand. It feels like I need to change 720 degrees in order to just "keep the modern trend"

The video tutorials SHOULD be making it easier, but they aren't. I keep re-listening Jeffrey Way and its only making me pissed for not understanding most of it.

I should say that I like Code Igniter. Its a framework that I learned MVC on and that is stuck with me. But maybe I need to learn other frameworks and do some projects with them before I come back to laravel because -> I may just lack appreciation for Laravel's "simplicity". I haven't seen that simplicity anywhere, it just made PHP more complex for no reason and introduced so many 3rd party tools it made me puke.

Anyone want to share some tips with me on what should I do?

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