7 months ago

How to avoid Interface Segregation in my case? (SOLID)

Posted 7 months ago by shadrix

Hey hey :)

I'm trying to use the SOLID-principles, however, I have a problem with Type-Hinting.

First, have a look at my code, but it is important to note: $a implements AInterface and BInterface.

public function create(AInterface $a): void
  $class = new SuperClass($a); //---> here is the problem, it wants BInterface, not AInterface

For the first create method, we just care about the AInterface-Methods

Inside of SuperClass we just care about the BInterface-Methods

However, my intelephense writes, that the type is wrong.

Currently, I just merged AInterface and BInterface together, but Interface Segregation states that we should not force to use a method when not used.

How would you do this?

I've looked it up and some solutions are using a third interface, extending AInterface and BInterface.

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