How do you work with different computer?

Posted 1 year ago by GTHell

So, I simply git push from my office computer which is running Windows 10 and come back home to git pull on my MacBook with composer install just to get a bunch of errors. I fixed it but what if my coworker wanted to work on this project also? Will everyone need to be pull the project and get broken file and then google their way to fix it? Is there a best practice to keep in mind of just not use the .gitignore? What if I work in a private repo, do I really need to concern about .gitignore?

One more thing is that I'm not so sure about heroku app. I heroku create on the other machine and I can't heroku open it on my machine. I need to heroku create another instance. Why is that? Pardon my shallow knowledge in git but this just seem confusing even the heroku make it so easy to deploy the app in less than a few minute.

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