1 year ago

How do I become good at programming

Posted 1 year ago by successdav

Oh! I need your help to make myself better...

I think I understand and know what the code does when reading through it.

but when ask to code this very feature, whoops I complete feel like a blockhead.

I keep referring to documentation, or video tutorials for almost anything I want to code

even for a project as simple as creating a basic CRUD project with laravel, I still refer back to documentation and videos.

Recently I decide to learn TDD and yes I did, but when I try to build a project with TDD, I dont even know how to go about writing a simple test.

I feel like a guru when reading a TDD test or anyother code I have learned. I understand the code when reading it.


I feel like a complete newbie when I am trying to code a TDD feature on my own

I need your advice on how to get better at writing code...

I have heard people say the learned php in 90days and are doing awesome, writing good code.

damn I have been learning PHP for a year and am not good at anything (it sucks)

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