Hosting videos for streaming and trans-coding options?

Posted 5 months ago by Fddler3

I am working on a project for an online learning system using Laravel, similar to how Udemy works, where instructors will be able to upload their videos. and students can buy the course and watch these videos.

And I was wondering where should I host these kind of videos for ( transcoding and streaming ) ?

After some search, I have some options on my mind:

Services I tested

  • Vimeo for business.

I like this option, and its cheap considering all other similar services.

Things I want which are missing in vimeo :

-- signed URLs ( for video stream security ).

-- webhooks ( Ex: Send a POST request to some given URL, when a video is ready and has finished transcoding ).

  • AWS S3 + elastic transcoder + cloudfront.

The perfect workflow for video transcoding and a secure streaming.

It has all what I want (signed URLs + webhooks ...etc). But as I understand It will cost me a lot because of video transcoding and video streaming ( bandwidth ).

Other services I didn't try, and I don't know much about them, but they seems good..

  • Wistia.
  • Cloudflare stream.

What are your experiences on this subject? Is there a service which have a reasonable price will deliver what I need?

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