Guide to install Homestead 2 on Windows 8

Published 3 years ago by webgurl

If you're having difficulty installing Homestead on Windows, I just finished a step by step guide and included a bunch of the errors I saw in the process.

Hope it helps :)


That's a very detailed guide @webgurl I'm sure it will helpful, thanks :)


Good guide. I'm sure it will be helpful to Windows users trying to keep it Windows as much as possible.

Over a long period of time I've gone the more complicated way of basically turning Windows 7 into Windix 1.0 so most *nix guides work well for me now but I bet I'll have a hard time if I need to set up a new PC since I don't remember everything I've done to get to here with this Windix abomination :-)

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The first step should be dumping Windows in favor of OS X or Linux!! ;)


Thanks for sharing @webgurl, quick one please... If you installed Homestead via composer, shouldn't your Homestead directory be at "C:\Users{Username}\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\laravel\homestead"? How are you able to do 'cd ~/Homestead' to get to your homestead directory?

Or I'm I setting mine up the wrong way?


Good catch @tolu360 ! I'll make the necessary corrections to my post when I have a bit more time, but you are correct, in Step 7 cd ~/Homestead will only work if you installed it using git in your home path.

If you installed it using composer, you can call homestead up without having to be inside the Homestead folder (as long as composer\vendor\bin is part of your PATH). Otherwise you'll have to cd into that long path.

If you're using Git Bash you can take advantage of it and create a .bashrc file in your home path to create an alias (just change the Windows \ to / in the path)

File: C:\Users\{Username}\.bashrc

alias hs="cd C:/Users/{Username}/AppData/Roaming/Composer/vendor/laravel/homestead"

Now you can just use the hs command to get there.


Thank you once again @webgurl, the alias hint is a life saver! As an aside, do you foresee any problems using latest versions of vagrant and virtualbox?


So I did homestead up and everything went fine and the vm was booted. I then changed to the homestead directory (C:/Users/{Username}/AppData/Roaming/Composer/vendor/laravel/homestead) and did vagrant ssh and got the error - VM must be created before running this command. Run vagrant up first.

Why is that? Since the vm was already running at the time.

Running vagrant global-status to get the IDs of the running vms, I was able to do vagrant ssh {id}. Is this normal or what could I be doing wrong?


Excellent guide / post! Managed to get Homestead running on a fresh Win 7 installation with minimal pain! This is the only full install guide I have found that shows how to get everything going on a Win platform without having to install PHP & Composer on the host OS... Thanks very much!


Thanks for posting this. I set up Homestead on my MacBook last night and I need to get it set up on my Windows box too now.


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