5 years ago

Grab Screenshots from websites / App I wrote

Posted 5 years ago by _stefanzweifel

Hi folks

I don't know if this forum is the right place, but I would like to share a Laravel application I recently built.

Screeenly helps you create screenshots from websites, so you can use them in your own application. Thanks to Jeffrey I learned a ton about PHP and OOP and I used Screeenly as a learning project to apply some of the techniques and patterns. It's for sure not THE best code of mine, but when Laravel 5 will be released, I will probably rebuilt the application, so I can use all the new awesome L5 stuff. I open sourced it because I didn't find nearly no Laravel application on Github and I wanted to share, how I structure my code. Maybe this is a inspiration to others ;)

There is also a composer package which works great with Laravel 4, so you don't have to struggle with the API itself. Maybe this is something for you.

Feedback is always appreciated :)

Have a nice sunday :) Stefan

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