2 years ago

Feedback to my media sharing site

Posted 2 years ago by Chris1904


I am not 100% sure if this is allowed to ask for, in case it is not, I will delete my post right away.

Because of Laracast and this helpful forum I was able to create a social media sharing site and I would love to receive some feedback from you guys. My site is called:

Now, you might ask yourself, why another “media sharing” site? Fair question. Quite frankly, I felt like there was not an all-around solution of monetizing your possible “viral” content and sharing your media on a modern site. With sites like “Photobucket”, “imgur” and “Youtube”, there are solutions of sharing quality media, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they gave back to the users who made them so popular? I feel like that’s would be a great feature. And so does Youtube.

I wanted to create a safe and private platform with a focus on giving back to the users for their content, whether it may be audio or video files, or images. Soon non-media files will be able to be monetized as well.

Thanks so much for reading and maybe reviewing :-)

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