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Database Structure

Posted 4 months ago by jamieps

Hi There,

I have just done the Laravel 5.7 tutorial and I am getting my hands dirty. Really impressed with it all at the moment with how much Laravel pre thinks for you and eloquent is just a breeze I am just after a little help which I suspect is down to lack of experience.

As I am mainly self taught I do not have much knowledge in building larger scale applications.

I already have an admin area and frontend all working and saving so happy with all this. The end game is to basically have a bunch of projects created in the backend and then pull them into the frontend via a search on a map.

I have a solid idea on the save and the frontend and have this working it is the search and how I should save/relate the data to make sure I can pull it all in and not run into brick walls.

I have created my projects table for simple data which is just to show on the projects single page. However I have the following :-

Keywords - Multiple entries per project comma separated (string) Areas - Numerous counties via select box (string) Value - Range (numeric) Sector - Checkboxes which would have the ability to increase over time (string) Service - Checkboxes which would have the ability to increase over time (string)

I have started on Keywords and save this on a one to many relationship with a Keywords table saving each keyword to the projects ID which all works fine.

All this data will all be used to search/filter results down. I understand the concept of pivot tables and many to many relationships so I can build this I am just unsure whether creating another table for each filter variable is OTT or how best to approach this.

How would someone else look at this, I am expecting some abuse/newb related feedback here as explained above I have not built anything over a 1/2 table relationship before and originally started out on Wordpress so a little help as to how someone with experience in Laravel would approach this or a tutorial on how to gain more experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance J

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