3 years ago

Best way to become a 'web programmer'

Posted 3 years ago by kognitif

Hi there. At first, i have to apologize for my bad english. Im still learning :). There is thousands of blog posts etc. to explain how to be a good web programmer. Here is why im asking this; there is no step by step explanation.

I'm good at alghoritm and oop but i was coding c++ and java only. a year ago, i start studying php. I finished w3schools and just tried to do something nice, like adress book, simple social networking, blog....

I realised that there is very good writed codes and on the other hand there is mine :/ Its not as good as i want. I still could not understand some code sometimes. I know u guys will say me its too early but i have to know if i will finish laravel step by step series, how good can i be ? and what should i do next ? I wanna be a 'web programmer'. So i dont want to be the guy who can do nothing when laravel is no more an option...

i have no friends to discuss programming im just reading some blogs. I wanna be a good programmer. All i need is a clean studying way.


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