Anyway to run sudo command and getting output?

Posted 1 year ago by Shirshak

In ubuntu I can get the networking traffic details via

$ sudo iftop -t -s 1 -L 10

which gives result like this

interface: eth0
IP address is:
MAC address is: c0:3f:d5:f6:cb:d3
Listening on eth0
   # Host name (port/service if enabled)            last 2s   last 10s   last 40s cumulative
   1                          =>      128Kb      128Kb      128Kb     31.9KB                              <=     10.0Mb     10.0Mb     10.0Mb     2.50MB
   2                            =>      163Kb      163Kb      163Kb     40.9KB                          <=     8.08Mb     8.08Mb     8.08Mb     2.02MB
   3                          =>      342Kb      342Kb      342Kb     85.5KB                             <=     6.38Mb     6.38Mb     6.38Mb     1.60MB
   4                           =>     81.0Kb     81.0Kb     81.0Kb     20.2KB                              <=     5.07Mb     5.07Mb     5.07Mb     1.27MB
   5                           =>     78.7Kb     78.7Kb     78.7Kb     19.7KB                              <=     5.06Mb     5.06Mb     5.06Mb     1.26MB
   6                           =>     55.2Kb     55.2Kb     55.2Kb     13.8KB                            <=     3.36Mb     3.36Mb     3.36Mb      859KB
   7                           =>     52.5Kb     52.5Kb     52.5Kb     13.1KB                              <=     3.05Mb     3.05Mb     3.05Mb      781KB
   8                           =>     58.0Kb     58.0Kb     58.0Kb     14.5KB                              <=     2.62Mb     2.62Mb     2.62Mb      671KB
   9                          =>     74.1Kb     74.1Kb     74.1Kb     18.5KB                          <=     2.23Mb     2.23Mb     2.23Mb      571KB
  10                           =>     47.5Kb     47.5Kb     47.5Kb     11.9KB                              <=     1.90Mb     1.90Mb     1.90Mb      487KB
Total send rate:                                     3.01Mb     3.01Mb     3.01Mb
Total receive rate:                                  67.7Mb     67.7Mb     67.7Mb
Total send and receive rate:                         70.7Mb     70.7Mb     70.7Mb
Peak rate (sent/received/total):                     3.01Mb     67.7Mb     70.7Mb
Cumulative (sent/received/total):                     771KB     16.9MB     17.7MB

But we know we used sudo there. I am working for page in university where i can show this result interactivly probably on charts. But I cannot get the output as it need sudo command .

I made command like this

$ php artisan university:internet 

Which in turn calls that sudo command

I know it will give permissions error? Any way or hack to make it possible?


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