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Published 1 week ago by shez1983

I know this has literally been asked dozens of times.

I am after one that my company is hoping to use it in every project - we tried the but that was rubbish, i have tried crudbooster and it seems ok..

so crud with ability to extend it a bit..

any recommendations? I have googled and have 7 different ones but i would rather not install all of them and go through plus reading the docs to see if they can be extended or not etc..


If you're willing to pay a little bit of money, I'd recommend looking through the admin templates on


OR just go with this thing called "nova". I guess it does cool stuff...


@cmdobueno no need to sound so condascending! i have heard of nova i just wanted some free/other alternatives..

@wilk_randall i dont want template - i want an admin crud generator


Oh no condascendance meant. Its like that magic thing I still havent gotten to try out yet...

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A decent admin panel can actually be handwritten with links with padding.

I think some here way over thank a simple admin panel just some basic programming and some styling is really all that's needed.


Thanks for Ur input as always.. @jlrdw as always..

The beauty of an admin panel is that it works with every site and you don't have to spend time creating crud forever again...


i think you should try to use Laravel Voyager Admin its very easy to install


@shez1983 Have you considered using Laravel Nova?

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Laravel backpack has a good crud builder for this purpose

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