When using Factory States, provide part or a sub array and append instead of overwrite

Published 8 months ago by mstnorris

I have a default Model Factory, and many states that just change parts of the default. One of the keys on the default is an array and I only want to override some of the array (only the keys that I've specified in the state, the others I would like to leave as-is from the default). The whole array is overwritten. Is it possible to do what I want? (Without of course duplicating the same key => values in each of the states.)

Default Content Factory

$factory->define(Content::class, function (Faker $faker) {
    return [
        'uuid' => $faker->uuid,
        'owner' => 'owner-one',
        'content' => [
            'template_data' => [
                'some_key' => 'some value'
            'meta_data' => [
                'owner_name' => 'Owner One',
        'another_key' => 'another value',
        'one_more_key' => 'one more value',

Owner Two's Content Factory State

$factory->state(Content::class, 'owner-two', [
    'owner' => 'owner-two',
    'content' => [
        'meta_data' => [
            'owner_name' => 'Owner Two',

When I use the Owner Two Factory State, the 'template_data' is missing as well as the other values.

8 months ago (996,850 XP)

I'm guessing it only works at one level. Not sure how to work around that.


Yes it appears that way, for now I have just duplicated everything which I don't like, but as it doesn't change that frequently I can live with it. But it would be a nice addition to just be able to override the bits I want to change.

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