@mstnorris I'm currently experiencing the same issue! Pulling my hair out, and I've tried so many things: sqlite/mysql, withholding certain tests, trying in-memory vs in-database storage. Tests always hang on the ~25th test for me, and the hanging test takes at least 30 seconds to complete. Skipping a test just causes the next one to hang.

............................                                      28 / 28 (100%)

You should really fix these slow tests (>500ms)...
 1. 36563ms to run Tests\Unit\VacationRequestTest:test_a_request_approved_scope_works
 2. 815ms to run Tests\Feature\CreateVacationRequestTest:test_notification_is_sent_when_vacation_requested

Time: 38.85 seconds, Memory: 296.00MB

OK (28 tests, 53 assertions)

I'm running:

Laravel v5.5.21
macOS High Sierra
PHPUnit 6.5.5
PHP 7.1.3

I've noticed that my php shoots to 100% CPU usage, and that the memory used is extremely high when the tests run long.

Experiencing this same issue when running it in a Docker container with PHP 7.2

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