2 years ago

Testing JSON APIs, specifically: assertJsonStructure

Posted 2 years ago by stwilson

Per the Laravel 5.4 documentation:

$response->assertJsonStructure(array $structure);

...should "assert that the response has a given JSON structure." (documentation ends there)

How would I make the array $structure to represent this json for testing:

    "data": {
        "title": "Nam saepe earum molestias consequuntur et doloremque ea.",
        "body": "Consequatur iure omnis distinctio tempore accusamus...",
        "active": false

The context of my question is following Laracast Incremental APIs: Level 7: Tests...Readable Ones! Here is the excerpt of my test where I need help filling in the ??:

/** @test **/
public function it_fetches_a_single_lesson()
    // arrange
        'title'     => 'pets',
        'body'      => 'Millie, Kitcha, Jo Jo, Bill',
        'some_bool' => true

    // act
    $response = $this->json('GET', '/api/v1/lessons/1');

    // assert
    $response   ->assertStatus(200)
                    // ??

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