5 years ago

Testing events with PHPSpec

Posted 5 years ago by ludo237

Hello everyone.

I'm building a test suite and I'm testing my command RegisterUser that has a method handle() like this

    public function handle(User $user)
        $inputs = (array)$this;
        $user   = $user->createUserAndTrashIt($inputs);
        event(new UserWasRegistered($user, $inputs));

        return $user;

At the moment I create this method for my spec

    function it_handles_user_creation(UserRepository $user)


And it works fine but I got 1 Broke message from PHPspec

- it handles user creation
      error: Argument 1 passed to app\Events\UserWasRegistered::__construct() must be an instance of app\Entities\User,
      null given, called in /home/vagrant/code/Web/testing/app/Commands/RegisterUser.php on line 78 and defined in
      /home/vagrant/code/Web/testing/app/Events/UserWasRegistered.php line 27

This is cause by the event calls, also because I've mock the repository I don't receive anything back from it. How can I improve this test in order to include the event ?

I'm watching but still have no clue how to solve it (I'm episode 4 atm)

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