Telescope not logging Registered Event

Posted 3 months ago by ctyler

So I am using Telescope for testing and troubleshooting.

When a person registers they are to select an employer form a drop down. The employer is to get an email so they can log in and verify that that person was in-fact hired by them. I need to be able to fire an email off to the employer notifying them they have a new employee register and they need to approve it.

So I go into the EventServiceProvider.php and see:

protected $listen = [
        Registered::class => [

I see the event Registers and its listener, however there is no Event or Listener folders in app/. That is not surprising, however, what is surprising is telescope is not picking up the Event Registered when the email verification is mailed. Telescope picks up that but not the event itself and therefore not the listener either.

I heard of logging being effected if the APP_ENV is not local. Mine is local.

Any help in this area would be appreciated.

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