Swap class when running test?

Posted 3 months ago by JorickL

In my Laravel 5.7 I want to 'fake' an API endpoint of a service we use. I've created a 'Fake class' which acts as the API. In my models I whip up a new connection to the external API like this:

$connection = (new TicketAPI)->bookings($attributes);

This works, like a charm.

Now, I want to replace, or 'swap' the TicketAPI::class when I'm running tests. So, I thought I could use

$fakeTicket = new FakeTicket;
$this->app->instance(TicketAPI::class, $fakeTicket);

But it still reaches the TicketAPI::class. Is someone able to point me in the right direction, or am I trying to use the $this->app->instance() method in the complete wrong way? Is it even possible to swap classes like this?

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