1 year ago

[PROBLEM] Laravel Route doesn't work with domain

Posted 1 year ago by vinolo

I'm new with Laravel and I try tu put my project on a private server. If I access with IP it works all the routes, but if I access from a domain that I have (is a free .tk domain) (for example 111.222.333.444/create it works, but doesn't works).

I want to buy a .com, .es or .cat domain, but before I want to see how it works with .tk domain.

My final project is on my computer and the server only have the main code of Laravel and a test route that I put on it (/create), but when I try to load it shows the same as, the main page, but with the ip/create it shows the message "Soy create" (this is the message that I put on the return of the route function).

I'm using apache2 on this server with php 7.1.

Sorry if this isn't post at a correct place.


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