7 months ago

Mock Error in PhpUnit test

Posted 7 months ago by fahad

I am always getting error while writing a simple test, don't know what's wrong there, any sort of help is highly appreciated.

Method pluck(<Any Arguments>) from Mockery_6_App_Models_EmailList should be called
 exactly 1 times but called 0 times

My Method is as below:

public function getDoNotEmailers(EmailList $list)
   return $list->pluck('email');

and My test

class getDoNotEmailersTest extends TestCase{

  public function testGetDoNotEmail()
     $mock = Mockery::mock('App\Models\EmailList');


     $list = new EmailList(['email' => '[email protected]'])
     $actual = $this->sut->getDoNotEmailers($list):

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